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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most asked questions answered for full transparency!


Questions and Answers

  • What is chicle?

    We use sap from gum trees instead of synthetic plastic. It’s a harvesting technique that has been practiced for centuries in native jungle societies. Together with natural sap, we only source the best plant-based ingredients – better for you and better for our environment.

  • What does Palm Oil Free mean?

    All REFRESH products are certified palm-oil free by POFCAP, leading independent non-profit certification trademark. REFRESH GUM is North America's only certified palm oil free chewing gum and we’ll do whatever we can to steer clear of ingredients that take a negative toll on our planet, that’s a promise.

  • What sweeteners do you use?

    Use this answer block to discuss some commonly asked questions you've discovered from your customers interactions. You could discuss product details, size fit, shipping policies, or anything you think would help merchants make an informed decision about your product or collection. This section will appear across all products.

  • How are you innovating your recipes?

    We want to disrupt the candy aisle and offer a radically better choice to traditional candy. We also want to remove the sugar in a category comprised of 97% sugar! When you have goals this big and bold, it requires a lot of innovation. Innovation requires testing, experimenting and lots of iterations - we just don’t stop! It’s in our DNA.

  • Who regulates your products?

    Our products are regulated by the FDA in the US. They regulate the classification and labeling of ingredients, among many other things.

  • What is carnauba wax?

    Great question! Carnauba wax is a natural renewable resource used as a coating for our chewing gum. It is grown in Brazil and is harvested from the leaves of the carnauba palm. The wax is harvested using traditional procedures that doesn't damage the trees. The use of carnauba wax creates an economic incentive to keep the trees standing.